80000 Series 3-Way Diverting or Combining Valve

The 80000 Series is a heavy duty three-way control valve designed for either combining or diverting service. Standard features include:

Heavy Guiding Construction of the Masoneilan 80000 Series includes top guiding in the plug, as well as guiding within the seat ring locations providing an extremely well supported and stable design.

High Capacity Large flow galleries in the 80000 Series provide high capacity designs with low pressure recoveries. High critical flow factors are attained in both combining and diverting configurations.

Flow Stability The 80000 Series is a dual seated design with flow tending to open the valve at both ports. This provides inherent dynamic stable resulting in excellent throttling control performance.

Wide Operating Range Designs are available in various sizes and can be configured to operate within an extremely wide temperature range. This is accomplished through use of high performance materials and design configurations.

Reduced Emissions The 80000 Series can be supplied with the Masoneilan LE Packing design to provide low emissions performance meeting various environmental regulations worldwide.

NACE Compliance Construction for Sour Service Applications in accordance with NACE standard MR 0103 is readily available. Applications requiring compliance to MR 0175, 2003 Rev or ISO 15156 can also be provided.

  • Large flow paths offer effective dirty service capabilities and high flow capacities. Heavy valve plug and stem guiding provides dynamic stability resulting in excellent process control and improved process yields. 
  • Top and bottom entry access to the valve internal components results in easy in-line access for maintenance and repair.
  • Extremely rugged design for reliable operation in demanding plant environments and process control applications. 

Sizes: 1” through 10” (25 through 250 mm)

Ratings and Connections:
• Flanged: ANSI 150 – 600
UNI-DIN 10 -100
• Threaded: NPT 3/4” through 2”
(20 through 50 mm)
• Welded: BW or SW
ANSI 900 – 2500 on request

Body Materials:
• Carbon steel
• Stainless steel
• Chrome-moly

• Model 87/88 multi-spring diaphragm
• Model 51/52/53 piston cylinder
• V-port plug

Inherent Characteristic:
• Linear


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