10000 Series Double Seated Globe Valve

The 10000 Series double seated control valves from GE Oil & Gas are semi-balanced designs, providing high allowable pressure drops, reduced actuator thrust requirements, and large flow areas to effectively handle dirty fluid applications. Standard features include:

Enhanced Performance and Reliability

 Separate top and bottom guides in the Masoneilan 10000 Series provide heavy duty plug and stem support throughout the valve stroke range. This results in excellent throttling control characteristics and high product reliability.

High Pressure Drop Capability

 GE’s 10000 Series offers a semi-balanced trim construction, which allows for application in higher pressure drop applications using standard actuation. This also helps to reduce product complexity and overall assembly size and weight.

Dirty Service Design

 Large flow areas within the 10000 Series design, makes it an excellent choice for applications involving dirty fluids. Foreign particles can pass through the valve without negatively affecting control performance.

Easy Field Maintenance

The 10000 Series is designed for top and bottom entry, allowing for quick access to the key trim and soft good components. This also permits easy access to the top and bottom guides for repair or replacement.

Reduced Emissions

The 10000 Series can be supplied with the Masoneilan LE Packing design to provide low emissions performance meeting various environmental regulations worldwide.

NACE Compliance

 Construction for Sour Service Applications in accordance with NACE standard MR 0103 is readily available. Applications requiring compliance to MR 0175, 2003 Rev or ISO 15156 can also be provided.

Sizes: 2” through 24”
(50 through 600 mm)

Ratings and Connections:
• Flanged: ANSI 150 – 1500
UNI-DIN 10 – 250
• Welded: BW or SW
• Screwed: NPT 3/4” through 2”
(20 through 50 mm)

Body Materials:
• Carbon steel
• Stainless steel
• Chrome-moly

• Model 87/88 multi-spring diaphragm
• Cylinder

• V-port or contoured plug
• Top and bottom guided

Inherent Characteristic:
• Linear, quick opening
or equal percentage


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