Service and distribution of valves of the Masoneilan and Consolidated brands

Valves are one of our main specialties, we are able to provide service and sale for all brands ( Emerson, Flowserve, Carraro, Tyco, Tai Milano, Farris…) and also we represent exclusively the brands Masoneilan and Consolidated.

Dresser and Consolidated are brands that are owned and manufactured by General Electric Inc., a worldwide leader in dependable pressure relief valve solutions.

Dresser Consolidated valves include a complete line of safety valves, including spring-loaded and pilot operated designs.
Dresser Valves also delivers reciprocating and rotary valves, field instruments and regulators. The valves of the Dresser Division are reliable, durable and offer high performance at a fair price.

General Electric Consolidated valves have been reliable and innovative since 1852 and today they are used in various industrial sectors such as:

  • oil industry;
  • refining;
  • energy production;
  • chemical and petrochemical industry;
  • fertilizer sector;
  • cellulose and paper sector

Elettrostar is the exclusive distributor of Baker Hughes Consolidated valves, used around the world to keep power plants, refineries that generate fuel, food and beverage plants that produce essentials for our families, and even pulp and pulp plants running paper.


More than 15 years of active work in the world of process control


Capacity of giving a complete service in the supply chain of automation


Since 2011 Elettrostar Srl has obtained the qualification of MARC

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Today, after more than 14 years of active work in the world of process control in Italian ad international industries, Elettrostar is a reliable partner in the most various requirements of process automation, leading to the capacity of giving a complete service in the supply chain of automation.


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