SVi1000 Digital Valve Positioner

The SVi1000 is a user-friendly 4-20mA with HART® digital valve positioner for single-acting pneumatic control valves.

Leveraging many of the same technologies from the SVI II AP, the SVi1000 is perfect for those that need a low maintenance valve positioner, and an ideal candidate for upgrading legacy electro-pneumatic positioners.

Designed to be installed and operational in less than 5 minutes, the SVi1000 is easily through its “One button, one function” local pushbuttons or via its powerful DTM interface and ValVue* software.

Communication / Control Platform:
• 4-20mA with HART®

• 20 – 100 psi Supply pressure
• Single-acting

Operating Temperature:
• -40ºC to +85ºC

• Aluminum (painted)
• Composite Polymers and Stainless Steel Pneumatics I/O:
• 4-20mA output or (2) Configurable Switches

Mounting / Feedback:
• Non-Contact magnetic position feedback
• Rotary or Linear
• Stainless Steel brackets for all Masoneilan and major valve brands
• Integrated magnet option for custom mounting

• Intrinsically safe / Non-Incendive / Limited Energy
• Regional – NEPSI, Taiwan TS, CCOE, CU-TR, AZS, UZ, INMETRO, IA

• Standard Continuous and Offline Diagnostics/Methods

Configuration / Monitoring Interfaces :
• User-friendly “One button, one function” local interface
• ValVue* Device Diagnostic and Configuration Tool
• DTM or eDDL – seamless integration into leading asset management systems


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